Kindi Kids Dress Up Friends - Donutina

  • £24.99

The Kindi Kids™ are the cutest Pre-Schoolers around!
These adorable little girls are full of fun and play and they love attending Rainbow Kindi. A place where every day is about playing together and making friends!
Donatina is a Kindi Kid ""Dress Up Friend""! This adorable Pre-School doll includes 2 cute outfits - One elegant Princess and tiara Dress Up and one Playtime Dress.
These easily changeable outfits can quickly be put on and taken off depending on how you want to play!
Pick up your Kindi Kid and see your toy come to life!
With big glittery eyes, colorful hair, changeable shoes and an adorable head that bobbles with every movement!
The world of Kindi Kids is full of imagination and fun.