WWE Slam Attax Universe Bundle

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WWE Slam Attax Universe Bundle 1 tin and 5 booster pack bundle.

Each tin consists of:

  • New WWE Superstars cards
  • Contents: 34 cards and 1 limited edition card
  • Features cards of current and former stars and legends
  • Memorabilia cards with pieces of ring mats, t-shirts and other props
  • Collectable - highlight for WWE fans of all ages

Slam Attax is back, live and in colour. These collectors cards are a must have for any fan. The series includes images of current and former WWE stars and legends such as AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch and many more. There are also champions glitter cards, Hall of Fame glitter cards and memorabilia cards with pieces of ring mats or t-shirts and other props You will receive 34 basic collectors cards and 1 of 3 limited cards.