Fill Your Pants Game

  • £16.99

Fill Your Pants is a whole new kind of scavenger hunt.

Players race to collect a wild assortment of bits and pieces described on their game card: stuffing a wonderfully random assortment of things into their giant pants as they go. Fill Your Pants is extremely easy and awesomely funny.It’s a pant-filling race to collect - for example “Something furry”, “Something spotty”, “Something shiny”, “Something square”, “Something with a handle” and “Something squishy”.

With fifty different possible categories to collect there is always a ridiculous new combination in every game.

Played in pairs, everyone has a turn at pulling on those giant pants, picking a game card and rushing to collect as many of the things printed on the cards as possible.

There is just nothing like Fill Your Pants – so easy to learn and so appallingly funny to play. We absolutely cannot take any responsibility for the social media posts that Fill Your Pants is going to inspire.

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