Power Rangers Retro-Morphin Black Ranger Zack

  • £12.99

IT’S RETRO-MORPHIN TIME! Inspired by the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show from the nineties, the Retro-Morphin figures bring back head-flipping, morphin action! The Power Rangers legacy of fun action figures continues, with Retro-Morphin figures for kids and new fans just discovering the awesome action of Power Rangers or collectors who want to build, rebuild, or fill out their collection. Go Go Power Rangers!

Includes: figure and accessory.

  • The Power Rangers Retro-Morphin Black Ranger figure lets kids and fans imagine Zack morphing into action
  • Relive, revisit, or just appreciate the decade that brought you Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with this figure inspired by the classics
  • Press the lever on the action figure’s back and the Black Ranger head flips, “morphing” him into his helmeted Ranger form
  • Zack’s Power Axe is included as an accessory to add to the morphinominal action
  • Including other Retro-Morphin figures, Lightning Collection figures, and more. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

Ages 4 and up

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