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Farthest From X No More Heroes Custom Vintage Action Figure Set #3 and #4.

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Return Of The Jedi, Farthest From have teamed up with No More Heroes to produce an amazing limited edition vintage custom action figure set.

In this first set, there are 5 exclusive figures each carefully customised and hand-painted by No More Heroes. Each set includes the following:
Set #3

Imperial Infantry Trooper
The Imperial Army uses highly trained soldiers, mechanized walkers, and overwhelming numbers to establish Imperial regimes or pacify troublesome worlds like Mimban. Drafted and conscripted from across a thousand worlds, the core infantry were the most common soldiers of the Empire's ground forces.
Mon Calamari Fleet Officer
The Mon Calamari Officer helps maintain the precious warships of the Rebel Fleet. Although smaller in size, the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers and their expert crews are a rival match for an Imperial Star Destroyer.
Jabba's Pit Fighter
Greth, an aggressive rare albino Gamorrean, is Jabba's chosen champion. From fighting in the Hutt controlled gladiatorial pits for wagers to dealing with those who fail to pay Jabba the winnings owed, Greth only knows winning and bloodlust
Coruscant Guard
The Coruscant Guard perform various duties in their service as a military police force protecting important government buildings, infrastructure and escorting delegates, like Prince Xizor, on the Galactic Empire's capital planet.
Assisting the Rancor Keeper Malakili, Giran is the beast handler for the other menagerie of dangerous creatures captive in Jabba's Palace.
Set #4
Private Kappehl
Rebel Pathfinder Private Kappehl specialises in forward observation and recon. A member of the Special Forces infiltration team aiding Jyn Erso's covert mission to retrieve the Death Star schematics on Scarif.
Coastal Outrider
Deployed to individually patrol the furthest guard posts or maintain sensors, the remote Coastal Outriders are often the first line of defence to important Imperial bases like Scarif.
Captain Cassian Andor
Alliance Intelligence Officer with extensive undercover and combat field experience, Captain Andor is a disciplined operative with a cool head to complete missions with minimal resources.
Sergeant Melshi
At Captain Andor's orders, Sergeant Melshi is placed in command of the Rebel Pathfinders that infiltrate the Imperial compound on Scarif. Andor knows Melshi will make the small fighting force appear like a much bigger unit in the eyes of Empire.
Shore Patrol Driver
Trained and equipped for operating in tropical or coastal environments like Scarif, the Shore Patrol Drivers fulfill a variety of roles that range from transport and logistics to the defence of Imperial Outposts.
In addition, every purchase includes a vintage style presentation box and automatically grants first refusal opportunity to purchase Set #5, another set of 5 characters that will be available during Q3 of 2024 (shipping cost will apply for those not able to attend and collect)

Please note, due to the unique hand-crafted nature there are painted, there maybe be small variances.

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